Academia de Stiinte a Moldovei

Scientific achievements

- From genera Rhizopus, Aspergillus, Penicillium, Fusarium, Trichoderma were identified producer of pectinases (MD 2613), cellulases (MD 356, 2588,), amylases (MD 2340, 2363), lipases (MD 2362, 2458), proteases (Cerere brevet 5561, nr. depozit a. 2012 0033, 2012.03.27); nutrient media were prepared, directed microorganisms growing conditions to ensure maximum enzyme synthesis were optimized.
- At submerged cultivation of strains producers, the biogenesis of microbial enzyme with pectolytic, cellulolytic, amylolytic, lipolytic, proteolytic activity was studied; the principles of induced and constitutive synthesis of mycelial fungal strains with biotechnological significance were determined.
- A perspective using of coordination compounds of transition metals, as regulators of mycelial fungi enzyme synthesis was demonstrated; the principles of directed extracellular hydrolases synthesis by micromycete, with use of coordination compounds of transition metals as stimulators and bioregulators were established.
- The influence of electromagnetic radiations in millimetric diapason on the development and enzymatic biosynthesis of extracellular hydrolases by fungal mycelium producers was assessed; the resultative effect, depending on the characteristics of electromagnetic waves, phase of microorganism growth, strain origin and synthesized enzyme system, was established.
- With the use of coordination compounds of 3D elements and electromagnetic radiations in millimetric diapason, the formula of nutritive media and procedure to enhance the enzymogenesis process by the mycelial fungi producers were elaborated (MD 3256, 3301), which ensures the obtaining of enzyme complexes with scheduled composition (MD 1748, 1987, 2340, 2836, 2837, 2747, 2709, 3255), the increasing of enzyme yield and the reducing of enzyme technology cycle.
- The laboratory and technical regulations for hydrolytic enzyme (pectolytic, cellulolytic, amylolytic, lipolytic) preparations obtaining with G10x degree of purification and high technological features designed for application in food, etheric-oleaginous, pharmaceutical, leather, wine industry were elaborated.

Research results were developed in over 300 publications - monographs (2), articles, theses, technologies.
The laboratory innovation activity is supported by about 30 patents, is appreciated by approximately 40 gold, silver and bronze medals and other special mentions to the International Exhibitions of Inventions of Geneva, Moscow, EURECA (Brussels), INFOINVENT (Chisinau), INVENTICA (Iasi, Bucharest), ECOINVENT, EUROINVENT (Iasi), PROINVENT (Cluj-Napoca).