Academia de Stiinte a Moldovei

Research proiects 2011-2015

Institutional Projects:

• 11.817.08.18F Establishment of the mechanisms of change of the oxidative status and biochemical composition of microalgae biomass, under the action of metalocomplexes for obtaining antioxidant preparations

• 11.817.08.19A Innovative microbial technologies for the creation of polysaccharides and hydrolytic enzymes with multifunctional use

• 11.817.04.11A Microbiological assessment and harvesting of the potential for developing sustainable agriculture technologies

Projects of the State Programs

• 11.836.05.06FAssesing the effects of nanoparticles CdSe, ZnSe, ZnS on antioxidant protection processes in microalgae and cyanobacteria on the penetration of the cell and immobilization on its surface

Technological transfer projects
• 10.824.09.114T Implementation of industrial production and clinitcal use of the drug innovation – Ferribior

Research bilateral projects

• 10.820.04.17RoA Bioaccumulation and recovery of micro metal components from sludge, resulting from alkaline leaching of uranium from mineral by cyanobacteria and microalgae

• 10.820.08.08BA Monitoring and improving raw material sources that contain valuable and essential elements in superior aquatic plants and microalgae

Projects for young researchers

• 12.819.18.08A Antioxidant enzyme preparations obtained from yeast

• 12.819.18.13A New methods for obtaining a diverse fungal proteolytic preparations purity