Academia de Stiinte a Moldovei


  • The improvement of physiological and biochemical potential of microorganisms as the sources for products used in agriculture, food industry, preservation of the environment, medicine( hepatoprotectors, imunomodulators, antiatherosclerosis preparations);
  • The scientifical fundamentation of agricultural biotechnologies for vegetal protein obtaining and the improvement of the soil fertility;
  • The elaboration of biotechnologies for the microorganisms potential using for improvement of soil and water quality, biological degradation of xenobioticals;
  • The elaboration of the advantaged biotechnologies for microbiological preparations obtaining;
  • The elaboration of biotechnological methods of water, air and soil quality monitoring;
  • The elaboration of proceedings for optimal keeping and storage of strains microorganisms for biotechnological and scientifical scopes in accordance with international standards.